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The 2014 Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme hydrographic survey work — July 2014 GEBCO Science Day at AGU 2014 — Call for papers
Results from 2014 Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme Hydrographic Suvey Field Course

The Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme is instructing a new generation of scientists in ocean bathymetry. Find out more about this year's hydrographic survey field work carried out as part of the course. [more]

A selection of imagery from posters and presentations given at Science Day

This year, GEBCO's Science Day, will be held as a scientific session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2014 Fall Meeting in December. Find out more and how to submit an abstract. AGU’s submission deadline is 06 August 2014. [more]

Naming features on the seafloor — outcomes from SCUFN's 2014 meeting — July 2014 Second Indian Ocean Bathymetric Compilation (IOBC) Project Training Workshop — June 2014
Bathymetry of the Indian Ocean area

The SCUFN group maintain a gazetteer of names of features on the seafloor. They meet once a year to discuss new name proposals. Find out more about this process and some of the outcomes from this year's meeting. [more]

Bathymetry of the Indian Ocean area

The 2nd training workshop for the IOBC project was held in May 2014, enabling attendees to learn from the experience of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) compilation team. [more]

GEBCO world map image in Google's Maps Gallery — March 2014 Welcome to a new member of the GEBCO Guiding Committee — February 2014
GEBCO world map image viewed in Google Earth

The new GEBCO world map image is now available to view in Google Earth from Google's Maps Gallery. [more]

GEBCO logo

The GEBCO community is please to welcome Captain Patricio Carrasco to the GEBCO Guiding Committee. [more]

New version of the GEBCO world map image file — February 2014 Training programme (2014) — February 2014
GEBCO world map 2014

The GEBCO world map image file now includes names of undersea features. Find out how to download the map file. [more]

Logos for the GEBCO Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) and Nippon Foundation of Japan

Applications sought for entry onto the GEBCO/ Nippon Foundation Training Programme in 2014 (closing date 31st March 2014). [more]

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