Displaying the GEBCO_08 Grid WMS in a GIS overlain with undersea feature names dataRelease of the GEBCO_08 Grid Web Map Service (WMS)

News and events — February 2011

The GEBCO_08 Grid is now available as a Web Map Service (WMS), a means of accessing geo-referenced map images over the internet. These maps can be viewed in a web browser; incorporated in your own web application or displayed in various GIS/mapping packages.

Find out more about the WMS and how to access the service.

Supported service requests


GetCapabilities request for the GEBCO_08 Grid WMS

This request returns information about the layers contained in the service in the form of an XML file (you may need to save this to view the information).


GetMap request for the GEBCO_08 Grid WMS

This request returns a map. Using the information given in the GetCapabilities request, the user can specify parameters such as the geographic extent of the map and the size of the returned image.

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