The GEBCO-NF Alumni team entry in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE - an update

GEBCO-NF Team web page News and events — June 2017

In February this year, the GEBCO-NF Alumni team was announced as one of up to 21 semi-finalists that have advanced to the Round 1 field tests stage of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition.

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE is a global competition with the aim of advancing deep-sea technologies for autonomous, fast and high-resolution ocean exploration.

  • Read our Press release (29 June 2017) Adobe PDF version of the June 2017 press release about the GEBCO-NF Alumni team's entry in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE (340 KB)

Visit our GEBCO-NF Alumni team web site.

The GEBCO-NF Alumni team consists of alumni from the Nippon Foundation - GEBCO Training Programme and industry expert advisors.


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