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A name directory for the ocean floor — November 2016 Presentations from Science Day — November 2016
Bathymetry image of Brothers Seamount and caldera, an undersea volcano about 3 kilometers in diameter off the coast of New Zealand. Autonomous underwater vehicles acquired high-resolution (2-meter) bathymetry data inside the caldera. Surface ships mapped the lower-resolution (25- to 30-meter) bathymetry data on the surrounding volcano flanks. This feature was formally named using tools provided by the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO). Credit: S. Merle (NOAA/PMEL) Find out about the GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names  from their recent EOS publication 'A name directory for the ocean floor'. [more] Attendees at Science Day 2016

Presentations from this year's Science Day are now available. [more]

New release of the EMODnet grid for European waters — October 2016 GEBCO team enter Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE — October 2016
Bathymetry from the latest EMODnet grid The latest release of the EMODnet bathymetric grid for European waters is now available. [more] Nippon Foundation and GEBCO logos

A team of graduates from The Nippon Foundation’s GEBCO Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry Training Programme will be taking part in the $7million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. [more]

Welcome to the class of 2016/2017 — September 2016 Forum in the media — August 2016
GEBCO students 2016/2017 Welcome to this year's students who are just beginning the 2016/2017 Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme. [more] GEBCO_2014 Grid

Access articles in the media about the recent Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping. [more]

Presentations and poster from the Forum — July 2016 Post Forum Communique — July 2016
Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping logo Access presentations and posters from the The Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping. [more] Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping logo

The Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping was held in June 2016 and was attended by over 150 senior representatives, scientists, scholars and business associates from major ocean related organisations from around the world. Access the post-form communique. [more]

Press release: Forum for Future Ocean Floor mapping — May 2016 Science Day 2016 - Call for papers
Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping logo Access a press release about a keynote speaker at the Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping. [more] Posters from Science Day

The next Science Day will be held in Valparaiso, Chile on 12th October 2016. Contributions are welcomed on a range of topics relating to bathymetric mapping. [more]

From the coast to the deepest trench — May 2016 Atlantic seabed mapping — May 2016
Founding meeting of GEBCO in 1903 Access an article about the history of GEBCO. [more] RV Celtic Explorer

Under the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA), an international team of scientists are taking part in an expedition to map part of the North Atlantic Ocean seafloor. [more]

GEBCO project and community video — March 2016 Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme 2016
Access an overview video about GEBCO and our work Access an overview video about the GEBCO community and our work. [more] Nippon Foundation and GEBCO logos

Applications are now sought for entry onto the Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Programme in 2016. Find out more and how to apply. [more]

Thanks to our Permanent Secretary — January 2016 Nippon Foundation/GEBCO training overview video released — January 2016
Dave Clark The GEBCO community would like to express its thanks and appreciation to Dave Clark for all his work for GEBCO as he retires from the role of GEBCO Permanent Secretary. [more] Nippon Foundation and GEBCO logos

The Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Program is training a new generation of seafloor mappers. An overview video has just been released outlining the impact of the training program for GEBCO. [more]

New Web Map Service layers for polar regions — January 2016
Imagery for the Southern Ocean area from the GEBCO WMS

Imagery based on the GEBCO_2014 Grid is now available as Web Map Service (WMS) layers in polar stereographic projections for the Arctic and Antarctic regions for use in your own applications and services. [more]

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