Posters from GEBCO's Science Days Call for papers — GEBCO Science Day 2016

The 11th GEBCO Science Day will be hosted by the Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOA) at the Naval Club Conference Room in Valparaíso, Chile on 12 October 2016.

GEBCO Science Day is held every year as part of GEBCO's meetings.

We announce a call for papers on topics related to ocean mapping and its applications for inclusion as part of this year's Science Day.

Find out more and how to contribute a presentation.

  • Adobe PDF version of the GEBCO Science Day Call for Papers 2016 (174 KB)

This year, the agenda can include oral presentations, posters, digital media and online content. Abstracts are invited from academia, government, private sector and non-governmental organizations to discuss and share achievements that have been made, current and on-going developments, and planned or future missions, research and initiatives.

Suggested Topics include:

  • Societal and human impact from ocean floor mapping
  • Emerging technologies for exploration: robotics, drones, open source software development, key advances in existing technology
  • Policy as it relates to ocean floor mapping. Perspectives from private, academic, government, intergovernmental and international levels are welcomed and encouraged
  • Data and how it is growing, changing and getting better. Also who it is serving and how
  • Tools used in the past, present and future for processing & modeling the seafloor and related content
  • Art and/or Science of Bathymetry. What wonderful products are being produced for consumers and scientists alike

Science Day is an excellent venue for exchanging ideas and growing new collaborations. Please come share your knowledge and join an international and cross-disciplinary team engaged in this exciting and fundamental work.

Any contributor to Science Day may attend all meeting days of GEBCO’s Technical Sub-Committee on Ocean Mapping (TSCOM) and Sub-Committee on Regional Undersea Mapping (SCRUM), 10-11 October 2016 at the SHOA Conference Room. Find out more about our upcoming meetings.

Please submit abstracts to the GEBCO Bathymetric Science Day Conveners, Timothy Kearns and Jaya Roperez via Please include the anticipated title of the contribution, the authors and their institutional affiliations, and whether an oral or poster presentation is preferred (please indicate if you do not want your poster/presentation shown on the GEBCO web site).

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