A name directory for the ocean floor - the work of SCUFN

Bathymetry image of Brothers Seamount and caldera, an undersea volcano about 3 kilometers in diameter off the coast of New Zealand. Autonomous underwater vehicles acquired high-resolution (2-meter) bathymetry data inside the caldera. Surface ships mapped the lower-resolution (25- to 30-meter) bathymetry data on the surrounding volcano flanks. This feature was formally named using tools provided by the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO). Credit: S. Merle (NOAA/PMEL)News and Events - November 2016

As on land, features on the seafloor are given names. This helps to identify them and to describe their form.

The GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN) works to ensure that features are given unique and appropriate names, reducing the possibility of confusion, e.g. a feature being referred to by two separate names in scientific literature.

Find out more about the work of SCUFN through the recent publication: Stagpoole, V., H. W. Schenke, and Y. Ohara (2016), A name directory for the ocean floor, Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO063177.

The GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names is available to view and download via the internet.

Find out more about SCUFN and how to propose new feature names.

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