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Thanks to GEBCO's Permanent Secretary to the Joint IOC-IHO Guiding Committee

At the end of December 2015, Mr. David Clark completed a five-year term as the Permanent Secretary to the Joint IOC-IHO Guiding Committee for GEBCO and has now retired from this role.

The GEBCO community would like to express its thanks and appreciation to Dave for all his work for GEBCO over the last five years, in particular for taking minutes at meetings, report writing, meeting and event organisation, and the many varied and demanding facilitating tasks involved with the role. His hard work and dedication have been invaluable.

In addition to these tasks, the Chairman of the GEBCO Guiding Committee is grateful for all the valuable ideas, plans and suggestions that he has put forward. This input has been indispensable. His dedication to GEBCO is highly admired.

Dave was appointed Permanent Secretary in 2011. Previously, he worked in the U.S. Government service for more than 36 years, retiring in 2009. During that time he was at the U.S. National Geophysical Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information) for 30 years and served in various capacities including Assistant Director, staff geophysicist and computer programmer.

Dave is succeeded in the role of GEBCO Permanent Secretary by Mr. David Wyatt of the International Hydrographic Bureau.

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Reserves Minister Julian Brazier of the UKHO presenting the award to Rear Admiral Patricio Carrasco (centre) and his wife Mrs Maria S. Figari
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The GEBCO community would like to congratulate Rear Admiral Patricio Carrasco on being awarded the 2015 Alexander Dalrymple Award by the UK Hydrographic Office.

Desmond Scott during his service in the British Royal Navy
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