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Thanks to our Science Day Convener

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Thanks to our Science Day Convener

Paul Elmore at GEBCO Science Day 2015The GEBCO community would like to express its thanks and gratitude to Dr. Paul Elmore of the US Naval Research Laboratory at the Stennis Space Centre for his contribution to GEBCO by organising and convening GEBCO Science Day since 2012.

Science Day consists of oral presentations and poster displays on topics relating to ocean-floor mapping and its applications. It was initiated by Dr. Walter H. F. Smith of the US NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry and has been held annually since 2006 in conjunction with GEBCO's meetings.

Through Dr. Elmore's hard work and dedication, Science Day continues to grow and attract and wide range of contributors.

Science Day in 2014 was held as a full-day session at the annual Fall American Geophysical Union meeting. It helped bring GEBCO's work and the importance of bathymetry, seafloor mapping and data sharing to a wide spectrum of geoscientists from the international community. It encouraged 208 authors to make 44 contributions to the event.

This year's Science Day was held in Kuala Lumpur and was sponsored by the Royal Malaysian Navy. There were presentations and posters on a range of topics: science, engineering, humanities, and education. The event was attended by a record 180 delegates. For the first time, Science Day also included vendor booths.

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