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GEBCO Symposium 2018

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GEBCO Symposium 2018 - call for papers

The GEBCO Symposium is a one day event that brings together international experts to discuss innovative technologies and approaches that are pushing the boundaries of ocean floor mapping.

This year, the GEBCO Symposium will be held on 14th November in Canberra, Australia.

We are interested in having speakers share their work, innovation, research and ideas as it relates to bathymetry.

  • Access the Call for Expressions of Interest Adobe PDF document of the Call for Expressions of Interest for the 2018 GEBCO Symposium (505 KB)
  • Visit the symposium web site to get involved.

  GEBCO Symposium 2018

The GEBCO Symposium on Bathymetry is a forum to share, learn and collaborate with others in the ocean mapping and related communities. This event is held only once a year and draws a diverse group of professionals, media, scientists and policy makers. It is a day filled with discussion, digital and oral presentations, and networking.

Historically called the GEBCO Science Day, the name was changed in 2017 to reflect the growing desire to incorporate industry, map makers and emerging innovators pursuing change for ocean mapping. The Symposium is held as part of GEBCO's annual meetings.

The GEBCO Symposium is an excellent venue for exchanging ideas and growing new collaborations. Please come, share your knowledge, and join an international and cross-disciplinary team engaged in exciting and fundamental work. Any contributor to the symposium may attend GEBCO's Technical Sub-Committee meetings on Ocean Mapping (TSCOM) and Regional Undersea Mapping (SCRUM) to be held on 12-13 November in Canberra.

Please note that you need to register to attend the TSCOM and SCRUM meetings. Further details and logistical information about the meetings is available from documents on the GEBCO pages at the IHO's web site.

For more information contact our Symposium Convenors: Timothy Kearns and Jaya Roperez . Visit the Symposium web site to submit ideas and register for the event.

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