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GEBCO Web Map Service (WMS)

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Changes to the GEBCO WMS

Imagery from the GEBCO WMS

From the 3rd of March 2021, the latest version of the GEBCO WMS will be accessible from the following service URL:


Please note that this service URL previously provided access to WMS layers based on the GEBCO_2014 Grid.

Within this service the following layers will be available, based on the lastest GEBCO grid:

  • GEBCO_Latest - shaded relief imagery
  • GEBCO_Latest_2 - colour-shaded for elevation imagery
  • GEBCO_Lastest_TID - imagery based on the TID grid with grid cells based on interpolation transparent

It is intended that when a new version of the GEBCO grid is released that the layers listed above will be updated to use the latest GEBCO data set – i.e. it will be transparent to users that the source data set has been changed. There will be no need to update your application to use new layer names in order to continue to use the latest version of the GEBCO grid.

We intend to announce in advance when the layers will be updated with a newer version of the GEBCO grid.

Previous versions of the GEBCO WMS layers will continue to be made available.

Find out more about GEBCO's web services and data sets.

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