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Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

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GEBCO-NF Alumni Team enter testing phase ahead of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE semi-final

GEBCO-NF Team web pageThe GEBCO-NF Alumni Team, one of the teams competing in the $7 Million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition, has entered its testing phase ahead of the competition’s upcoming semi-final stage.

Find out more, read our latest press release Adobe PDF of the GEBCO NF-Alumni Team's press release on activities with the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE (246 KB)

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE is a global competition with the aim of advancing deep-sea technologies for autonomous, fast and high-resolution ocean exploration; only a small fraction of the world ocean floor has been mapped using modern techniques.

The team consists of alumni from the Nippon Foundation - GEBCO Training Programme and industry expert advisors.

Please email info@gebco-nf.com if you would like more information about the team's proposal or if you are interested in investing in any part of the team's work as they have developed an innovative concept for a surface vessel.

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