Nippon Foundation/GEBCO scholars 'wall of fame' at CCOM/UNHTraining

GEBCO has been funded by the Nippon Foundation, based in Tokyo, Japan, to train a new generation of scientists and hydrographers in ocean bathymetry. The twelve-month course, leading to a Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry (PCOB), is held at the University of New Hampshire, USA.

Find out more about the training project; the current students and scholars from previous years.

Hear about the perspectives of the impact of the programme from GEBCO colleagues and scholars.

Access a poster about GEBCO prepared by the GEBCO/Nippon Foundation Training Programme students, class of 2010/2011 Adobe PDF of the poster "GEBCO - What? Why? How?" (2.5 MB)

The Nippon Foundation

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