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Contributing Data

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Contributing data

Bathymetry data for part of the Indian Ocean from the GEBCO GridGEBCO is continually working to improve its gridded data sets with the aim of providing the most authoritative publicly-available global bathymetric grids of the world’s oceans.

We are grateful for contributions of single-beam and/or multibeam survey data, individual soundings or existing grids to help update our gridded data sets and products. We acknowledge the source of contributed data sets in the documentation that accompanies GEBCO's grids.

GEBCO respects the data policies of contributing organisations and will not pass on source bathymetric data sets to other organisations without prior permission. We will only make grids developed from these source data sets available to the public.

Please note that GEBCO’s data sets are not to be used for navigation or for any purposes relating to safety at sea.

Contribution options

If you would like to contribute bathymetric data to GEBCO or make GEBCO aware of publicly-available data sets that we can use to improve our grids, then in the first instance please contact Pauline Weatherall — GEBCO Digital Atlas Manager.

Please note that the following data contribution options are available.

Contributing data for public access

GEBCO encourages the sharing of source bathymetric data within the international community for the benefit of all. Therefore, if you would like to make your data publicly available, you can send them to the International Hydrographic Organization Data Center for Digital Bathymetry (IHO DCDB) hosted at the US NOAA National Centers For Environmental Information (NCEI). The IHO DCDB manages a worldwide publicly-accessible digital data bank of oceanic soundings on behalf of the Member Countries of the IHO.

Alternatively, if you currently host your data online, you may provide the IHO DCDB with the discovery metadata, spatial footprints and the retrieval URL to allow the public to search for and find your data via an interactive map on the IHO DCDB website.

Information is available upon request from the IHO DCDB concerning formats and required accompanying metadata for data submissions.

In general, complete metadata is necessary to allow thorough evaluation of the submitted data for incorporation into the GEBCO grid, for example following the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) schema 19115.

Contributing data for GEBCO's use only

If you do not wish your source data to be made publicly available, you can contribute the data to GEBCO via GEBCO’s data holding centre at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC). Contact Pauline Weatherall at BODC for further details.

BODC will archive the data on behalf of GEBCO on the understanding that it will only be used for updating GEBCO's products and will not be passed on or made publicly available.

Our data contributors

GEBCO thanks all the data collectors and regional grid developers who make their data sets available. Find out about the data sets included in the GEBCO global grid.

We also thank our partners in industry for providing data sets for updating the GEBCO grid.