Image produced from the GEBCO_08 GridRelease of a new 30 arc-second bathymetric grid

News and events — January 2009

GEBCO have released the GEBCO_08, a global bathymetric grid with 30 arc-second spacing. It is a continuous terrain model for ocean and land, with land data largely derived from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM30) data set.

The grid has been generated by combining quality-controlled ship depth soundings with interpolation between sounding points guided by satellite-derived gravity data.

The GEBCO_08 Grid is currently a development product which will undergo periodic update. Although every effort has been made to reduce the number of errors in the data set, we expect that some grid artifacts will be found. A list of reported bugs may be found on our errata pages.

 Find out more about the data set and how to download the grid from the web in netCDF form.

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