News and events — 2009

GEBCO_08 Source Identifier (SID) Grid released — November 2009 Updated version of the GEBCO_08 Grid released — November 2009
GEBCO_08 Grid overlain by the SID grid (shown in black)

A Source Identifier (SID) Grid, to accompany the GEBCO_08 Grid, is now available to download. It provides information on the source data for the GEBCO_08 Grid. [more]

GEBCO_08 Grid updated to include the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) An updated version of the GEBCO_08 Grid is now available to download. It includes version 2.23 of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO). [more]
Presentations from GEBCO Science Day 2009 Call for papers - GEBCO Science Day — June 2009
Posters displayed at the fourth GEBCO Science Day Access the presentations given and posters displayed at this year's GEBCO Science Day. Covering a range of topics relating to bathymetric mapping. [more] Bathymetry data for part of the Pacific Ocean from the GEBCO_08 Grid The next Science Day will be held in Brest, France in September 2009. Contributions are welcomed on a range of topics relating to bathymetric mapping. Access the Call for Papers Adobe PDF version of the GEBCO Science Day Call for Papers (2009) (45 KB) find out [more]
GDA Software Interface Version 2.12 — May 2009 Grid display software Version 2.11 — April 2009
Displaying bathymetry data through version 2.12 of the GDA Software Interface Version 2.12 of the GEBCO Digital Atlas Software Interface is now available for use with the GDA data sets and includes a number of new software enhancements. [more] Displaying data using version 2.11 of the GEBCO grid display software Version 2.11 of the GEBCO Grid display software is now available to download. This release supersedes version 2.0, published in February 2009, and includes two enhancements and a bug fix. [more]
Updated grid display software — February 2009 Atlantis found? — February 2009
GEBCO grid display software Software is now available for viewing and accessing data from GEBCO's gridded bathymetric data sets. [more] Ship tracks displayed on bathymetry data as shown on Google Earth Strange features on the ocean floor? The 'mystery' is explained. Find out more about the GEBCO_08 Grid and how it was developed. [more]
GEBCO_08 Grid in Google Earth — February 2009 GEBCO_08 Grid released — January 2009
The GEBCO_08 Grid displayed in Google Earth The GEBCO_08 is used as a foundation layer in Google Earth 5.0. [more] The GEBCO_08 Grid GEBCO releases the GEBCO_08 Grid, providing bathymetry data on a global grid at 30 arc-second spacing. [more]
Undersea feature names gazetteer — January 2009 Training programme (2009) — January 2009
Undersea feature names gazetteer The latest version of the GEBCO Gazetteer of Geographic Names of Undersea Features is now available in spreadsheet form. [more] GEBCO and Nippon Foundation of Japan logos Applications sought for entry onto the GEBCO/ Nippon Foundation Training Programme in 2009 (closing date 16 March 2009). [more]

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