GEBCO Digital Atlas comments

New Scientist, 26 April 2003, page 25

"For the first time, the depth-sounding information from every research vessel worldwide has been painstakingly compiled into one high-resolution global grid. The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans can now be used to generate customised seafloor maps of any region. More details are available at"

Murray Brown, UNESCO/IOC Consultant in Marine Data Management Training

"Your package arrived today, and I put all aside to explore the new GEBCO Digital Atlas 2003. It is a landmark achievement, and completely fulfils my expectations in every department. The control screens are very clear and easy to use; the graphics are wonderful, and the export functions are just too much. It is extremely gratifying to see how closely the new product integrates with GMT, NetCDF (especially timely since it has become the format de jour for so much else), and the GIS world.

"I had questions about the relationship between this product and the Smith & Sandwell (S&S) global product (which we also use now), but they were completely answered by the excellent "background paper" in the HELP file for the grid. In the very near future I will be integrating the Atlas into our tutorials (compared and contrasted appropriately with the S&S product) where it will be the premier resource for blue water bathymetry. As you know, we urge (and teach!) the inclusion of locally-obtained bathymetry data for near-shore studies, and perhaps in the long run there will be dividends in the way of shared data from these sources.

"You can find our GEBCO implementations in the IODE Resource Kit at in Data Analyses & Products > Classroom > Tutorials > Roadmaps."

Professor Nick Kusznir, University of Liverpool, U.K.

"I am very impressed with the resolution of the GEBCO data. It's also amazing value for money!"

Professor Bob White, University of Cambridge, U.K.

"The new GEBCO CDROM is an outstanding resource - state-of-the-art bathymetry from the entire globe. I especially like the inclusion of a map creation program which means that a high-resolution map of your favourite area of the Earth is just a few mouse clicks away. Or, if you really want to get stuck into detailed use of the bathymetry, you can export it easily to any other program you choose.

A bargain, and a resource that will be extremely well used."


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