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Historical data sets

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Historical GEBCO data sets

Historical bathymetric grids

GEBCO's first global bathymetric grid, the GEBCO One Minute Grid, was released in 2003. Since then a number of GEBCO grids have been published, with the latest release being available here.

Download compressed files containing the referenced historical GEBCO grids, in netCDF format, and accompanying metadata from the links below.

Comparison of the GEBCO One Minute Grid (left) and GEBCO's latest data set, the GEBCO_2019 Grid (right), for part of the Ionian Sea region off GreeceComparison of images showing the shape of the seafloor for part of the Ionian Sea region off Greece as generated from the GEBCO One Minute Grid (left) and GEBCO's latest data set, the GEBCO_2019 Grid (right)


Grid name Latest release year Grid interval
GEBCO One Minute Grid 2008 One arc-minute
GEBCO_2014 2015 30 arc-seconds
GEBCO_2019 SID 2019 15 arc-seconds


GEBCO One Minute Grid

A global grid at one arc-minute intervals. Originally published in 2003, last updated in 2008. The data set is largely based on bathymetric contours from the Centenary Edition of the GEBCO Digital Atlas.

GEBCO_2014 Grid

A global grid at 30 arc-second intervals. Originally published in 2014, last updated in April 2015. The data set is largely based on a database of ship-track soundings with interpolation between soundings guided by satellite-derived gravity data. Where they improve on this model, data sets generated from other methods are included.

The grid is accompanied by a Source Identifier Grid (SID). This indicates if the corresponding cells in the GEBCO_2014 Grid are based on soundings, pre-generated grids or interpolation.

Access errata information for the GEBCO_2014 Grid

GEBCO_2019 Source Identifier (SID) Grid

This data set was originally published as part of the GEBCO_2019 Grid release in April 2019. This data set has now been replaced by a Type Identifier (TID) Grid. This data set identifies the type of data that a grid cell in the GEBCO_2019 Grid is based on. Please see the data set documentation for more information.

Please note that these data sets are superceded by GEBCO's latest bathymetric grid (GEBCO_2019) - released in April 2019.